Get Involved

Rewilding India offers a variety of ways to engage and get involved in activities.

Join a Working Group

Join us and become a catalyst for positive, transformative change. Work together with like-minded and inspiring people on innovative, nature-based solutions for ecological restoration and  sustainable livelihood development. 

Become a project partner

Let’s work together on ecological restoration projects and rural development. We welcome partnerships (symbiosis) with organisations across India and opportunities to incubate and promote new projects. Collaboration, innovation and transformational change are essential for biodiversity and sustainable development.


Our non-profit foundation relies on donations from people like you to develop and implementation nature-based solutions for ecological restoration and community development.

Become a sponsor

Support the development of new rewilding projects, promoting ecological restoration and rural development in hugely positive way. As a sponsor you will receive unique promotional benefits and are eligible for VIP treatments in nature reserves of project partners.

Invest with us

Rewilding India is focused on tangible and meaningful results. With investors and non-profit organisations striving for more impact and sustainable revenue models, the lines between the business and non-profit sector are blurring. Join us and invest in ecological restoration projects, protected areas and corridors, including new green business models.

As an impact investor you can actively promote nature-based solutions and have an opportunity to attend special events to celebrate milestones, including visiting the nature reserves you helped develop. If you are interested partnering with us, we invite you to contact us for more details.

Rewilding India Network

The goal of the Rewilding India Network is to connect and engage people and organisations, empowering each network member to develop integrated ecological restoration and rural development projects. As we learn and develop new projects, we’re sharing our results through joint events, tools and information sources.